Hands-On Rotary Endo Training

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Hands-On Rotary Endo Training

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A full day hands-on Endo session using a combination of lecture slides and live instruction.

    Your day will include:

    • Introduction to modern concepts of endo, including safe irrigation techniques.
    • Easy rubber dam placement.
    • Destroying the myths of apex locators and an easy way to use them confidently.
    • Hands-on rotary training, using our own designed VaryFlex file systems.
    • All the training is carried out on exact replicas of actual teeth which have been 3-D printed, using the latest acrylic technology so they feel just like the real thing.
    • Your own state of the art rotary and reciprocating cordless motor
    • The latest obturation techniques with warm obturation units available to try plus the latest in bioceramic sealants and repair materials.

    Where is it?

    • We have many dates and venues coming up. Just select you preferred date and location from the drop down menu next to the quantity picker at the top of the page.