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VaryFlex R
A brilliant one file system that allows me to predictability achieve excellent reproducible results in all cases. As a former user of other single files systems I have changed my practice limited to Endodontics to this system, not only achieving great results but also great savings. Used in conjunction with the Guide path files it’s a winner!
VaryFlex Taper Files
A gentle system that can work in any dentists hands to achieve great results, from simple to complex cases. Working on basic principals of endodontics this multi-file system  allows ease of use at a fraction of the cost.

Greg Creavin, Msc Endo. Dublin

After twenty years of using the well known proprietary brand of Nickel Titanium files for my endodontic referral patients it is terrific to have a UK brand selling a high quality, reliable alternative.
Both the variable taper VaryFlex VFT and  the reciprocating VaryFlex VFR files offer an excellent, high quality, economic alternative compared to the over-priced products that we have felt obliged to use for many years. In fact both files offer significant advantages and improvements too.
VFT Taper files offer the brilliant option of choosing the flexibility of each file. For the first time identical files are available in the same series with different heat treatment levels and flexibility. I prefer less flexibility with the Shapers to enable an effective brushing action, but higher flexibility for my Finishers giving increased safety with larger apical sizes. This level of customisation is perfect for me and gives me the ability to alter my approach on a case by case basis.
The VFR files are a joy to use. The 11mm shank is absolutely great and I have had a few cases that I simply could not have done to the same standard without it. 
Endoperfection has done it, they have produced files that can tempt you away from the old guard. I urge anyone who cares about their Endo to give them a try.

Andrew McRobert, Referral Practitioner

"An excellent course. Very clearly designed to help the GDP achieve excellent results in endodontics. Would definitely recommend."

Neil Austin

“A truly inspirational and educational training day. Presentation for the entire day was excellent with plenty of opportunities for hands on experience with close guidance on hand too.  A thorough explanation of all the techniques employed backed by the vast knowledge and experience of both Charlie and Gregg. Huge thanks guys for making me more confident in root canal therapy.”

Saira Ahmed

I have been using reciprocating NiTi files exclusively for the last 7 years for all my endodontic cases- alternating between the two big branded varieties that are dominating the market. 

After trying the UK made VaryFlex VFR I see no reason to return to previous file systems;  they have excellent handling characteristics with the right combination of flexibility for negotiating curves but rigidity to flare the canals predictably. Tactile feedback from VFR keeps you in control of the file and makes light work of the trickiest canals. Like the other proprietary systems, there are matching paper points and GP cones so it is easy to switch from a system you may already be using. The Dia-ProR GP points reliably fit the shape produced by VFR and come with pre-marked lengths on the cones for efficiency of obturating to length without having to measure each individual cone. 

VFR is more economic than other systems but this is no reflection in the quality of the product. I would still use this system if it was more expensive than the other big named brands I have used. 


The team at Endoperfection are equally as good as their products. Communication is excellent if you need any advice on the systems, emails responded to the same day, delivery quick and products always packaged well. 


David Wiper

BDS (Hons), MJDF RCS Eng, MSc (Endo)

David Wiper

VaryFlex VFT Taper Files

Our own manufactured file system with a state-of-the-art flexible alloy. Simply take each file to the working length. You will love the feel of these beautifully made files. The only system which puts you in control, as you can choose the flexibility.

View VaryFlex Taper Files 

VaryFlex VFR Reciprocating Files

Our own manufactured file system with a state-of-the-art flexible alloy. These reverse fluted reciprocating files used in the same way as other systems in the market. Available in two sizes and with our trademark 11mm shank. You choose which files work best for you and your patients.

View VaryFlex Reciprocating Files 

VaryFlex VFG Guide Path Files

Our own manufactured file system with a state-of-the-art flexible alloy. Creating a guide path for rotary files to follow is considered by many to be the most important part of root canal shaping. With our guide file creating a guide path is quick, simple and very predictable. This is the perfect precursor to our rotary files.

View VaryFlex Guide Path Files 

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