Why use a Glide Path File in Endodontics

Why use a Glide Path File in Endodontics

Glide paths in endodontics - some dentists love them, others rarely use them. So are they really necessary?

In our latest blog post, we'll talk about the role of the glide path, and why we think every dentist should use a glide path file. 

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Introducing the Glide Path

Creating a glide path is the foundation for safe and effective root canal preparation. 

A successful glide path enables all your other files to move smoothly down the canal for effective shaping, reducing the likelihood of subsequent treatment failures such as ledges, perforations and file breakages.  

Without an established glide path, cleaning and shaping becomes unpredictable, and that’s not how we like to roll in endodontics! 

What should I use to create a Glide Path? 

Here at Endoperfection we prefer to create the glide path with a rotary file and have specifically designed our very own glide path file system – VaryFlex Glide.   

With this system, you’ll need just one file to create the path. Simply establish working length (WL) using an apex locator or radiograph, and then create the glide path by gradually progressing apically. 

Can’t I just use a hand file? 

Yes you can, however it takes much longer to achieve the desired result, especially if you are working in tight or heavily calcified canals. Creating the path with rotary files not only reduces treatment time, but it leads to more predictable treatment outcomes.  

Spotlight on: VaryFlex Glide Path 

Incorporating our trademark 11mm shank for easier access, the VaryFlex Glide Path features a high-quality design, but at a fraction of the cost of other rotary guide path files. A gentle system that helps to achieve predictable outcomes, the VaryFlex Glide Path is the perfect precursor to the other rotary files in the VaryFlex range.  

If you’re looking to make the switch to these rotary guide path files from traditional hand files, expect to see a significant reduction in treatment time. 

Also, they cost just £26.95 (+VAT) for a pack of 6 sterile files.   

Discover more about VaryFlex Glide. 

"Once I tried VaryFlex Glide, it was instantly an "easy to use" experience exploring the canal, but I wasn't sure about their reliability and their resilience, therefore I have tested them in different scenarios throughout the last 12 months and found them very good.

Most importantly, I haven't broken any of them during approximately 300 sessions of root canal treatment procedures. Therefore, I would recommend them to all my colleagues with an easy heart." Dr Zoltan Radnoti  

VaryFlex Glide from Endoperfection


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